How to Get Instagram Likes and Followers

First of all, do not buy the likes and followers or comment on other user’s photos and ask them to like your photos and follow you for the sake of increasing your Instagram likes and followers. However, the best way to get more likes and more followers is to actually use the platform although it sounds very cliche and everyone knows that. To think about it, Instagram really wants you to use all of the features such as Instagram Stories, Live Feature, The Follow Hashtag Feature, Highlight Feature and so on.

If something comes out and you do not like the new features, just use it anyway because it will actually help you and that is honestly the best way to do it. For example, the hashtag feature. It is a great feature and just make sure you are doing relevant hashtags to the photos because for example, if you are in New York, do not tag Los Angeles because that is irrelevant. That strategy used to work a few years ago but it totally does not work anymore.

The next thing is what you should not do in order for you to get more likes on Instagram. The first thing is to stop posting “filler” photos which are photos that fill up your feed, that are not photos of you, for example photo of your coffee without you in it, or photo of what you had for lunch which you think will look cool or cute. Instead, take a  picture of you holding your coffee or what you are up to that day which is more interesting than a random generic coffee photo that anyone could have posted.

Try post a photo of your cool outfit. If you have a cool outfit with a cool background, you will definitely get more likes. People will ask you where did you buy the jacket and those new sneakers. They will start tagging their friends and you will get more likes as well as new followers.


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